Doug Simpson

Doug Simpson

I’m a problem-solver.  With experience as corporate counsel—both in house as general counsel and as external private-law-firm corporate counsel—combined with a very strong litigation background representing government entities, companies and individuals, I know both how to prevent problems and how to solve them if they’ve already occurred.  I also serve as a mediator, helping to resolve others’ disputes.

I’ve litigated very tough cases, like the $2.3 billion-dollar-exposure-products-liability suits portrayed in the movie, Erin Brockevich, where I served as managing defense counsel.  I’ve litigated many mass-tort cases.  And I’ve helped companies mitigate the downside risk of such liability by managing risk upfront through corporate best practices and training, through compliance (including FAR, DFAR, and ITAR), insurance, indemnity, statements of work, agreements in general, labeling and instructions and otherwise.

What company doesn’t need a lawyer who not only can negotiate and draft corporate documents serving day-to-day corporate legal needs like other corporate lawyers, but who also has the broad, tough-problem-solving experience of complex litigation, who knows exactly how litigators will exploit corporate weaknesses, who can use that knowledge while negotiating with other entities, and who can mitigate the risk of liability at minimum cost?

As general counsel for several start-up companies, and as external corporate counsel, I have performed all day-to-day legal needs organizing companies and subsidiaries, performing corporate governance, hiring corporate employees and vendors, reporting to shareholders and to the SEC, managing IP portfolios, trade secrets programs, licensing, inventor relations, worked on business acquisitions, joint ventures, and teaming for FAR and DFAR  and ITAR government contracts, as well as many other day-to-day legal and negotiating tasks.  I’ve handled all the legal needs of many corporate entities, including dispute resolution where necessary and appropriate, and have served as a sounding board to senior management providing strategic legal and business counsel.  I have helped companies make money and save money by taking advantage of business opportunities while managing risk.

I’ve represented public and private corporations, governmental entities, and individuals in both judicial and administrative litigation with a variety of subject matters.  My litigation and counseling experience is broad, yet deep.  Some of that experience includes torts & mass torts (products liability, toxic torts, negligence, nuisance & other); environmental (federal & state statutory, regulatory & common law); real estate (easements, leases, nuisance, abatement, purchase & sale, premises liability, landlord tenant & other); insurance and risk management (coverage litigation, bad faith, risk and related insurance-policy programs assessment, risk management; claims handling & pre-suit negotiation with claimants); contracts (negotiation & litigation, general business, indemnity) IP (copyright, trademark, unfair competition, trade secrets, licensing, patent portfolio management); construction (delay, defects, agreements & site injury); medical malpractice (paramedic care and 911-delay); government entity (claims, FOIA and California Public Records Act); employment (collective bargaining negotiations, employee contracts, contract disputes, retirement-compensation disputes); administrative (administrative & regulatory citations and orders, administrative hearings, negotiation with regulators; administrative appeals & writs); ADR (mediations as litigant and as mediator, arbitrations); compliance & government contracting (ethics, ITAR, DFAR & other); general corporate (governance (articles, bylaws, resolutions, minutes, consents, shareholder meetings, voting, & stock plans), contracts (negotiation, drafting & administration), employment (contracts negotiation and breach, retirement, mediation & collective-bargaining), investor relations, SEC and shareholder reporting, internal investigations, compliance & ethics, trade-secrets policy creation, teaming agreements, joint ventures, acquisitions, corporate secretary & director of several entities).

For general information, via email, please contact me via, or call me at 619-437-6900.