Sometimes people face big problems with few good choices.

I help people solve problems—collaboratively or via litigation in contested matters. I also mediate cases (

People, companies, government, and insurers have honored me by entrusting me with a wide variety of matters for many years. I have a broad background as a result, and bring a multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving.

I’ve litigated multi-billion-dollar lawsuits with thousands of claimants, mass-toxic injury cases, complex environmental cases, land-use matters, business and corporate-law cases, divorce and custody matters, intellectual property and licensing matters—and many other kinds of disputes. More about practice areas and experience.

I’ve often served as outside corporate counsel—as the “ounce of prevention” handling business transactions and contracts, governance, employment, and other matters.

I’ve represented government entities (County of San Diego, City of San Diego, and others) as well as government officials.

Clients often prefer quick-and-efficient resolution to problems, where possible. Although litigation might be the best way to achieve solutions, litigants often prefer ADR—mediation, for example—when the case is ripe. Because I see merit in preserving assets and in achieving certainty in mediation, I serve as a mediator (see I serve or have served on four mediator panels, including mediator panels of the San Diego and Los Angeles Superior Courts, and the American Arbitration Association.

I’ve been honored with a Martindale-Hubbell A-V Preeminent rating (see profile). I’ve practiced civil litigation, corporate law, and government law since 1988, primarily in Southern California, and am now also a member of the Washington State Bar Association. I’ve represented individuals, companies large and small, government entities, insurers, contractors, developers, manufacturers, start-up companies—you name it.

I’ve learned a lot over two decades about efficiently litigating cases to excellent outcomes, and about negotiating solutions that bring a quick end to expensive, protracted litigation where possible. I’ve tried cases, appealed cases, arbitrated cases, and negotiated settlements in cases. I’ve litigated in state and federal courts, and before administrative tribunals.

As corporate counsel, I apply litigation-lessons-learned to help businesses seize opportunities while minimizing risk and preventing problems.

I’ve served as private-law-firm corporate counsel since 2003, and as in-house General Counsel (2011–2013). I’ve trained many companies about regulatory compliance, and about compliance with emerging law. I’ve created companies, managed them, ensured regulatory compliance, while managing risk. I’ve negotiated deals with some of the nation’s largest defense contractors—FAR, DFAR, and ITAR contract—and all kinds of agreements with mom & pop-businesses too.

I use surgical focus, never-ending tenacity, and relentless preparation to give my clients maximum value, while persuading or informing in the courtroom, boardroom, and at the bargaining table.

Environmental Law

We solve environmental cases.  Over three decades my firm and I have litigated judicial and administrative contaminated-property cases involving soil, air, groundwater, ocean waters, and surface and storm waters, arising under state statutes as well as under CERCLA, RCRA, CWA, and other applicable law.

General Civil Litigation

We handle general-liability issues.  My firm and I have litigated hundreds of general-liability cases as panel defense counsel for multiple carriers for more than three decades.  Cases have been wide-ranging, with injuries including death, cancers, burns, and other harms, and include cases in these fields of law, among others:  Toxic tort and mold; construction defect, delay, and site injury; premises liability; medical malpractice and medical device; and auto-accident injury.

Corporate Law

We solve corporate-law issues.  My firm and I have served as corporate counsel to many business entities.  I have formed entities, performed corporate governance, negotiated and drafted commercial agreements, designed IP-preservation programs, managed IP, made USPTO filings, prepared finance agreements, reported to SEC, negotiated FAR and DFAR teaming agreements, aquired businesses, IP, and personnel, and managed all day-to-day legal needs of startup and other business entities.



We counsel on regulatory compliance.  My firm and I counsel business, government, and individuals on duties arising under regulations, statutes and other law to help ensure their compliance.  



We counsel on best practices, process controls, corporate communications both internal and external, corporate culture fostering safety and compliance, and other issues, providing clients with tools to help ensure ongoing success.


I mediate civil lawsuits and family-law matters.  I’ve mediated cases since 2003, privately, on three court panels, and via American Arbitration Association.  I’ve mediated all kinds of cases including environmental, toxic tort, construction, business disputes, divorce and child custody, and other matters.



“I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lamp of experience.”

—Patrick Henry

Litigated cases

Years' Litigation Experience

Years as a Mediator

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Clients typically prefer to avoid litigation, related expenses, and uncertainties.  We empower clients with information throughout their cases—clients should not be left to wonder what is happening in their cases.  We prepare litigated cases for trial at the outset, surgically mapping out necessary discovery and keys to liability, causation, damages, and apportionment issues so that clients can always make informed choices about expenses, fees, risks, and opportunities—and whether to proceed to trial versus negotiating resolution.  We don’t beaches with unnecessary tasks that drive up costs; we focus on matters that drive the case.

A wise person once said if the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.  We have lot of tools, and many approaches to problems.


“Doug has consistently produced excellent results. Doug is personable, can think outside of the box, is proactive, an excellent independent thinker and a great communicator.”

Nneka Mitchell

Senior Claims Adjuster, Travelers Insurance, Hunt Valley, MD

“Doug is an outstanding attorney. I would recommend him without any qualification.”


Posted on Martindale-Hubbell Profile

“Doug is the most ethical attorney I know.”

James O'Day

Senior Deputy County Counsel, San Diego County Counsel

“I was impressed with Doug’s breadth of knowledge, his patience, and his compassion. I enjoyed working with him.”

Casey Tanaka

Mayor, City of Coronado, California

I am honored to have an excellent reputation for being a skilled lawyer. I have an AV-Preeminent rating—the best there is—from peers and the judiciary via Martindale-Hubbell (see profile).


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